About Brian Langsbard

Brian Langsbard is an emmy nominated film/tv composer whose music has accompanied feature films, documentaries, tv shows, videogames and ceremonies for packed baseball stadiums. Not a one-trick pony, Brian has been able to jump from creating epic anthems celebrating baseball's greatest heroes to bone-chilling underscore for the murderous women of Snapped on the Oh! network. Orchestral, electronic and rock themes created by Brian are propagating the airwaves and chances are one of his TV shows is on right now. So click away and delve as deep as you like into this site. Whether your time is short or you want to learn details about his music, this site offers you the chance to hear and experience Brian's music at your convenience. Thank you for visiting, and please check back often for updates. (Listening to music on laptop or tablet speakers is not recommended).


Contact Brian Langsbard

Brian is currently based in Los Angeles and available for assignments worldwide.

(310) 435-6958

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Featured Work: AUDIO ONLY


Ferrell Takes the Field


Trek Nation, Trailer


The Missing Piece Trailer: VIDEO


MLB 2010 All Star Game: VIDEO


Blackout: Feature documentary trailer VIDEO


Batman: The Animated Series: AUDIO


DREAM-Volvo S60 Short

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.26.15 PM

The Specials “You Don’t Rock”: VIDEO